Vincent G.R Arboriste Grimpeur: Heart of a Nurse and Spirit of a Mountain Climber

Vincent GR Arbo.Grimp ANG

Vincent Gendron Rossignol moved to the Outaouais region from Ontario at the age of two. After stints in Belgium and Rivière-du-Loup, Vincent returned to the Outaouais and completed the nursing diploma that he started while in Belgium. A deep love of the outdoors kept pulling Vincent towards nature. In the end, climbing trees became his true calling.

Vincent was always up for an adventure. He worked at Arbraska Laflèche, guiding adventures in their caves and on their zip-lines. His passion for climbing then led Vincent to a position at Altitude Gym as the Director of Operations where, for five years, his knowledge of climbing techniques were honed.

It wasn’t long before Vincent’s love of nature and climbing merged and voilà, the seed was planted and the idea of the “arboriste grimpeur” began to take shape. A few short years later, after training at Laval Horticultural College to learn all aspects of tree care and arboriculture, Vincent was ready. Vincent GR Arboriste Grimpeur began operations in June 2018 with a simple plan: Vincent, a chainsaw, and his ongoing love of trees. Vincent received a loan earmarked for young entrepreneurs from the SADC. This allowed him to buy specialized equipment and to build a small but mighty ground-crew who came aboard by mid-2019. The business was growing nicely when Covid-19 hit a mere 18-months after the launch of his company.

The SADC, once again, was there for him, immediately offering to freeze payments from the previous loan. This was crucial given that Covid-restrictions meant work stoppages.

“They even called me once a month to see how I was doing,” beams Vincent.

Today Vincent GR Aboriste Grimpeur is a three-person team. All of the men are fully trained and licensed arborists. They each come with their individual backgrounds and work together collaboratively, switching roles to “stay on their game.” One person climbs and the other acts as the ground man, working together from tree to tree. Vincent GR Arboriste Grimpeur offers a total tree service from seed-to-removal and everything in between. They particularly focus on the health and well-being of each tree within its specific environment. Looking ahead, Vincent is optimistic about expanding his operations. He foresees a second crew, a larger yard, more equipment, and of course, the consistent desire to take care of more trees.

Vincent G.R. Arboriste Grimpeur