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Our Engagement for Sustainable Development



For several years, the SADC Papineau-Collines has been integrating notions of sustainable development into its operations and services to its customers. We are implementating an action plan to structure and carry out various important initiatives and measures that have a concrete impact on the economic, social, and environmental viability in our territory.


Why support Sustainable Development:


  • To better understand the impacts of SD;
  • To support small businesses within our territory with tools and real practices in a concrete manner;
  • To support our businesses throughout the inevitable shift towards a green and responsible economy;
  • To demonstrate that it is possible for organizations to benefit from and generate positive impacts through their actions, even for ones as small as ours;
  • To set an example;
  • For the continued improvements that such an approach generates;
  • To permit strategic reflection in updating our policies;
  • To play a critical role in determining the sustainability of business projects in the region;
  • To improve risk management and make the most informed decisions regarding the allocation of funds;
  • To stimulate companies to take action and thereby recognize their efforts;
  • To value an ecological way of working, leading to increased productivity of our company;
  • To measure the impact of our activity on the climate and compensate for it through actions that reduce this impact using a process of continued improvement.
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