Business Transfers and Successions

Whether you are a future entrepreneur who wants to acquire or take over a business, or a seasoned entrepreneur who wants to sell or transfer their business, the SADC Papineau-Collines can help you!

With these various types of support, the SADC can help you every step of the way, no matter where you are landed in your business transfer.

To find out more about our specialized business transfer and succession support, consult our online information or contact us!

Business Takeovers or Business Successions

Business takeover, also known as a “business succession,” is the process in which a family member, an employee or an outsider expresses the intention to take over an established business.

This form of entrepreneurship has many advantages, both for the person transferring the business and for the person taking over. That said, this important process requires thought and structure, two things our advisors excel at!

To ensure a smooth business transfer for both parties, contact your SADC for professional, personalized and confidential support.

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Business Acquisition

Acquiring a business is a great adventure that you should not embark on without planning!

Did you know that your SADC has many ways to help you with your entrepreneurial project? From the search for financing, to developing a marketing strategy, to producing a financial analysis and more, our advisors have the expertise to guide you.

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Sale and Transfer of a Business

As with the acquisition or succession of a business, the sale and transfer of a business is an important step that requires thought and planning.

Whether your decision has already been made or you are still reflecting on it, the SADC can help you find solutions and plan the sale and transfer of your business to your advantage.

Conducting a financial analysis, determining the right moment for transferring the business, optimizing the pre-sale financial situation of the business, or searching for potential buyers, all are processes in which we can provide support to optimize the business transfer for all concerned!

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