At the SADC, what we offer is more than just a job, we offer the possibility of a game changer for our local businesses and our community.

Every day, we invest in a common project: to boost the development of our region. We do it within a small multidisciplinary team that shares common values, commitment, collaboration and flexibility.

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We are always looking for professionals who make our community more vibrant.
Even if no position is open at the moment, you can send us your CV and a short presentation text to

For us, creating value in our region is not just a long-term wish, it is what we do concretely every day. Our projects, our interventions and our support have a positive, beneficial, and lasting impact on our local businesses and on the municipalities where we live and work. Moreover, as an organization focused on sustainable development, we promote innovative and responsible business practices to change things for the better.

There is life at work and life outside of work. This is why working in hybrid mode was already part of everyday life before the pandemic. For us, teleworking is not just about working elsewhere, it is the coexistence of the spheres of personal and professional life. We therefore leave space and flexibility in our schedules so that everyone maintains an optimal level of functioning. To make sure you disconnect and recharge, we offer paid holidays during the holiday season and a reimbursement program for physical activity expenses.

If professional development is an important objective for you, it is also important for each of us. At the SADC, your career is built on the diversity of experiences. It will not be a linear trajectory, but a journey made up of multiple projects and successes that encourage us to constantly improve and broaden our horizons. To meet our career goals, in addition to access to regular training and conferences, the members of our team benefit from continuing education paid according to their personalized development plan.

The SADC is the ideal place to expand and maintain your professional network, given its place at the heart of the region’s entrepreneurial and economic ecosystem. From virtual to real, we are multiplying the opportunities to collaborate, forge links and create partnerships with the actors involved in local development. It is said that unity is strength, that’s good, our network is not limited to the borders of the territory. We share our professional experience with hundreds of people in the field within a network of 67 SADCs across the province.

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We are always looking for professionals who make our community more dynamic.
Even if no positions are open at the moment, you can send us your CV and a short introductory text to

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