Business Coaching and Support

Are you an entrepreneur working within the SADC territory and is interested in our business coaching services?

The SADC Papineau-Collines team has developed a complete service offering business coaching and support for entrepreneurs within its territory.

Aware of their situation and attentive to the problems they may encounter, SADC has targeted the most likely subjects to contribute to the proper development and longevity of businesses in a given sector.

Consult the list of different options available to you now!

Business Coaching in Marketing Communication Strategy

Communication and marketing are two important aspects of a successful business. Would you like to optimize your communications to promote your business?

To help you achieve this, SADC offers three types of business coaching focused on marketing communication strategy:

  • Marketing Strategy;
  • Social Media;
  • Public Relations.

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Business Coaching for Company Transfer or Succession

Whether you want to take over, acquire or sell a business, SADC advisors have the expertise to guide you through your entrepreneurial project.

No matter where you are in your process, your business coaches will guide you through all the important steps involved in making these major decisions.

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Support in Undertaking a Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is a critical process for ensuring the financial health of all businesses, but even more so for those starting up or revising their business model.

If you are looking for guidance in this crucial step, don’t hesitate calling one of our consultants! They understand your business reality and have the expertise to help you with everything related to your business finances and budgeting.

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Support in Building a Business Coaching Strategy

Whether you are a business owner or self-employed, SADC can help you develop an effective business strategy that you can rely upon to achieve your goals.

This coaching focuses on 3 important components in creating a good business strategy:

  • Adapting a business model;
  • Exploring new markets;
  • Implementing a business continuity plan.

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Support for a Sustainable Development Approach

As an entrepreneur, you are aware of the actions you could take to ensure healthy and sustainable development in your region, but you don’t know where to start?

SADC is available to answer your questions and help you think through your options. With the implementation of the Sustainable Recovery Cohort, you will be guided by a sustainable development advisor in the application of simple and gradual changes that will allow you to reach your objectives.

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