$5.000 to $300.000

Papineau-Collines Investment Fund A Loan for Businesses in the Area

Are you looking for a business loan? Do you need financial assistance for a start-up, acquisition or expansion of an entrepreneurial project? Do you want to establish your business within the SADC Papineau-Collines’ territory?

Perhaps this business loan is the boost you’ve been looking for!

The Advantages of Our Business Loan

The Papineau-Collines Investment Fund Loan is a business loan set up to meet needs observed in the field. Depending on the company’s profile and the criteria it meets, the loan amount can range between $5.000 and $300.000.

The SADC Papineau-Collines always aims to help entrepreneurs in its sector with effective and beneficial solutions. This business loan is no exception and has several advantages:

  • Flexible repayment terms tailored to the needs of the business;
  • Supplementary investment to those provided by financial institutions;
  • Competitive interest rate;
  • Personalized support throughout the loan process.

Business Loan Eligibility Criteria

Do you believe that the Papineau-Collines Investment Fund is the financial solution you need to propel your entrepreneurial project? To be eligible:

  • Your business must be located within the SADC territory;
  • You must constitute an interesting potential, profitability and vitality;
  • You must demonstrate having sound financial management.

More than Just a Simple Business Loan

Obtaining a business loan from the SADC Papineau-Colline means participating in the development of a locally managed investment fund that supports other entrepreneurs in the region.

In addition, when you apply for a business loan, you will receive a complete package of mentoring. Support in the various aspects of entrepreneurship, coaching, resources and advice will be included with the financial assistance to give you all the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

Want to go further?

The SADC is not just a simple “financier”. It is a guide, a coach who offers concrete technical assistance that meets the real needs of local entrepreneurs. We are grassroots people who want to help grassroots people. We know your environment and we know your reality. We encourage entrepreneurs to think differently, we offer them simple tools and resources that respond to their problems and, above all, we offer them realistic solutions.

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