Live Edge Timber Co. : Living on the Edge

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Live Edge Timber Co’s debut

Husband and wife duo, Stephanie Landry and Kevin Slama, are young entrepreneurs who moved to the Outaouais region six years ago. Kevin, a manufacturing engineering technologist in robotics, and Stephanie, a marketing and sales wiz, built their own house and discovered in the process that there was a lack of any affordable live edge timber readily available for building furniture and creating home accents. From this void in the market emerged the idea to start a company. Live Edge Timber Co. was born!

Within four months, Kevin and Stephanie had created their initial product line and crafted a sales presentation to pitch to major national retailers. Sitting across the table from Home Depot and Lowes buyers they were told, “you have 30 minutes.” The clock was ticking, but the couple managed to land their first two retail partners. Working from their dining room table, Kevin and Stephanie had to quickly ramp up for production. They needed a warehouse and a factory, not to mention the million other things required to run a company with a contract to supply over 100 Home Depot and Lowes stores across Canada.

In less than 6 months, Live Edge Timber Co. had not only set up shop but was fulfilling its first cross-country orders.

The SADC, an important help

The SADC was instrumental to the company’s survival, offering an initial cash flow loan, two loans earmarked for young entrepreneurs, and another loan that helped acquire new equipment for increased automation. At one point, the company employed 17 workers. They currently have 10 employees due to the automation of their factory and they supply products to 20 major retailers across Canada, the United States, and Germany.

DIY furniture builders are their target market and Live Edge Timber Co. provides an affordable, Canadian-sourced product that allows homeowners to build their own custom furniture.

With a manufacturing facility in the Outaouais, including its own metal shop, Live Edge Timber Co. has every aspect of furniture-building covered … from the live edge Eastern White Pine or Maple to the powder-coated legs. Dining tables, mantles, modular staircases, kitchen islands, headboards, and beyond. The list of potential projects is endless and can go as far as your imagination can take you.

High demand and exceptional sales were seen throughout 2020 and into 2021. Stores stocked up and it has been smooth sailing – even through a pandemic. Although the SADC offered to postpone loan payments during Covid-19, there was no need as the business has been stable and growing.

Looking ahead, Kevin and Stephanie will continue to add new products to their line. Their top priority, however, is a larger warehouse and a new factory as “everything now has become just too small.”

37 Chemin Henri-Chartrand, L’Ange-Gardien, QC J8L 0W9

819 281 8423