Carbo barbecue: A Gastronomic Experience Now Available Throughout the Outaouais Region

Carbobarcue ANG

When travelling the roads of Québec, you may happen upon a small gourmet restaurant, a treasure far from all the urban centres that distinguishes itself by its high-quality dishes.

Carbo barbecue, located between Chénéville and Duhamel, is just one of those destinations that your taste buds will remember for a long, long time. In addition to the warm, friendly and welcoming environment of the two hosts, Fanny Cherubini and Martin Carboni, you will also have the chance to savour home smoked meats, such as pulled pork, chicken, brisket and ribs prepared South Carolina-style.

In sitting down with Martin Carboni to discuss his passion, the techniques of smoking meats, you quickly begin to understand the great popularity of this establishment since its opening July 1, 2019. Originally from Montréal, the couple fell under the charms of this part of the country, known in particular for its large beach at the Centre touristique du Lac-Simon. They acquired Bistro Chez Pepere and transformed its space into an Ali Baba’s culinary cavern.

“We can smoke our meats for up to 16 hours,” confides the enthusiast. “Our focus is on the quality of the cooked meats, in order to honour the flavours of the South and to make sure they are enticing and delicious. Our firebox, containing maple and apple wood chips, helps us control the quality of the smoke and the tenderness of our meats.”

“In fact, all the steps in the smoking process are paramount,” adds the man who admits to getting up some nights to ensure the success of his culinary art. “I want to reproduce what I tasted during my visits in certain parts of the United States. In fact, truckers who travel through this area stop by and tell me that our meats are the best. For us, it is our greatest pride.”


As was the case for all restaurant owners, the pandemic hit this couple hard, requiring that they close their dining room temporarily. Despite their 26 years of experience in the restaurant business, more specifically in service, Martin describes this period as having been a severe slap in the face. The pandemic forced them to adjust to the insecurities created by this virus from afar.

Unable to welcome customers but far from being overwhelmed by the situation, they offered vacuum-packed meat and ready-made meals. This decision allowed them to get through the difficult months.

“Thanks to vacuum packing, people can enjoy some of our menu items simply by slipping them into simmering water for 10 to 15 minutes. The texture and taste are the same as that on site, given that we use the same submersion technique during service hours. By staying small, we haven’t lost control of the quality of our dishes and, because customers enjoyed their experience so much, they return after their initial order.”

The couple is presently offering the Wooden Box package, which includes briskets, ribs, chicken breasts, pulled pork, smoked meat, mac and cheese sauce and creamed corn. For only $200 plus taxes, which includes delivery, people from the Outaouais region are able to taste the different specialties without having to travel the distance to Duhamel.

This business strategy will be emphasized over the next few years to further develop the company. One of the couple’s objectives is to eventually have a kitchen that meets the MAPAQ C1 standards. Such a certification will enable them to sell their products in stores.

Another priority for the entrepreneurial couple is to pursue alliances with local producers in developing their supply chain. Their honey, cheese, French fries and maple syrup already come from merchants from the Petite-Nation region. They are also looking to buy from local meat producers. For them, buying locally is the real advantage, as it promotes a circular economy.


Martin Carboni makes no bones about the fact that the SADC de Papineau-Collines was critical in getting through the pandemic. The summer of 2019, given the many closures, could have been devastating for entrepreneurs.

“When it all happened, I did some research and came across the SADC. From the start, I felt they had a sympathetic ear and offered us solutions that enabled us to keep going. In addition, I am certain they will be a powerful presence for our future development.”

Carbo barbecue

1348, route 321, Duhamel

819 428-9085