Our Top 5 Highlights of 2023

What an incredible year we’ve spent with you! As it’s time for year-end reflections, here are the key moments of this memorable year, the innovative initiatives of our team, and the important milestones that have marked our organization and the local entrepreneurial community.

We thank our clients, partners, and collaborators for their unwavering trust.
May the new year be full of success. We look forward to supporting you in 2024!



Our “Connexion relève” 5 to 7 Series

Potential sellers and buyers from all over the area came to network, meet support resources, and hear testimonies from entrepreneurs who have gone through the complex process of a business transfer.

Our Green Shift Tour

We brought together local businesses ready to go green, along with a panel of ambassadors who have already taken action, to exchange ideas, inspire each other, and obtain funding and concrete tools to move forward.

Our Small Business Assistance Program for Tourist Enterprises

Through the network of SADCs in Quebec, 1,040 tourist businesses were able to benefit from non-repayable contributions to enhance their facilities, and adapt or develop their products and services to meet customer needs.

Our work with Estacade

Following the evolution of the positioning campaign we rolled out for Estacade was a real pleasure for us in 2023. With the help of our advisors, the cultural organization also revised its visual identity and all its communication tools to reflect its position as a youth show broadcaster.

The Arrival of Two Star Players in the Team

This year, we welcomed two new professionals to the team: Francis Hubert, project manager, and Valérie Mantha-Brazeau, operations coordinator. Their arrival strengthens our ability to meet the evolving needs of our clients and to carry out projects that exceed their expectations.


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