Social Media Coaching and Personalized Digital Strategy

You’ve created a Facebook page for your business. Now what? Whether it’s to help you develop a social media strategy or to help you better understand how the different platforms at your disposal work, SADC is there for you. Make your digital visibility shine through and tame the “beast” that social media can be.

Social Media Training and Coaching

You have mastered the basics of social media, but want to exploit its full potential? You thought you finally understood everything about Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn … then everything changed during an update? Are you looking for tools to automate your actions and facilitate the implementation of your social media strategy?

Regardless of your situation or your comfort level with social media, our coaching is tailored to you and your needs. We can help you to:

− Understand how the main platforms work: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
− Use editing, automation and content creation tools
− Understand social media advertising management tools
− Optimize your postings
− Understand the features of the latest update

Gain confidence when it comes to hitting the “Post” button!

Finally, an Adapted Social Media Strategy

We all know that digital tools, including social platforms, are now part of the equation everywhere. However, many entrepreneurs and small business leaders are still struggling to make their mark on social media. A strategy that is 100% adapted to your business, your market and your niche is essential to stand out on this vast playing field. When you work with a SADC consultant, it is easier for you to see the big picture and establish a profitable social media strategy. Depending on your needs and where you are in your social media strategy, our consultants may be able to:
− Diagnose your current social media presence
− Find the right tone for your brand (editorial line)
− Determine the most relevant platforms for your activities
− And more!

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