Are you thinking of starting your own business and taking part in your region’s economy?


Takeover, also known as business takeover or succession, is an avenue that has many advantages. SADC Papineau-Collines will help you through each step of this great entrepreneurial adventure, because taking over a business can be as great a challenge as starting one!

Planning a Business Takeover

When an entrepreneur begins to take over a small business, many stakeholders are directly affected by this operation. Employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and the local business community: at every stage, make sure you make these people valuable allies in making the SME takeover a success. The expertise of your local SADC advisors can be a great help avoiding going through the takeover process blindly.

Takeover: Going Into Business under the Best Circumstances

Opportunities for takeovers are often more numerous than we think, especially when a partner organization helps link the owners of the business with their successors. This is the role that SADC plays with future entrepreneurs who are looking for an opportunity to start a business and with those actively seeking a successor for their SME. Whether it’s a question of a family takeover, a takeover by an employee who wants to buy the business or an external person who shows interest in the business, SADC Papineau-Collines’ support generates concrete results.

Our Personalized and Fully Confidential Service

The takeover is a complex business transaction that requires tact and confidentiality. A variety of experts and professionals may be called upon to help throughout the process: financial analysts, accountants, lawyers, notaries, mediators or psychologists. Like these professionals, the SADC Papineau-Collines advisors offer a neutral, personalized and always confidential support to owners and buyers. Whether you are buying or selling a small business, take advantage of our expertise in business transfers and our knowledge of the Outaouais business community to facilitate the takeover process.

Where to start?

To support your growth, improve your competitiveness and implement innovative business strategies, our technical assistance is the key to the success of your business project. Our expert advisors offer you personalized support and concrete solutions that reflect the reality of small local businesses.

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