The SADC de Papineau-Collines is a partner and key reference in the successful development of business in the region.


Its mission is to support and encourage the development of communities, entrepreneurship, and businesses through the creation and preservation of jobs.

  • Through financial and technical expertise available to entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Through our leadership in local economic development
  • Through consultation with partners all over the territory


SADC de Papineau-Collines administrators and employees believe:

  • In Autonomy
    We believe in the ability of people to do things on their own, and in the empowering of communities to ensure the development of local capacities and their potential.
  • In Partnership
    We work in collaboration with our clients and partners towards a common goal, in synergy and in respect with the role, the ideas, and the contributions of everyone.
  • In Commitment
    We are committed to respond transparently, effectively, and quickly to the needs of our clients and partners to actively participate in local and regional initiatives, and to share their expertise.
  • In Boldness
    We take calculated risks in weakened sectors while keeping a constructively open mind to give a chance and to support the boldness of our clients and partners.
  • In Personalized Service
    We offer our clients support and a sympathetic ear; we work with them to develop innovative solutions based on their specific needs and take the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of information.
  • In Equity
    We offer an equitable presence in all our sectors and recognize the strengths and differences of each one in order to highlight the potential of the people and the territory.
  • In Sustainable Development
    The SADC de Papineau-Collines gives priority to projects that support sustainable development principles that favour economic, social, and ecological long-term viability.


Board of Directors

The nine SADC de Papineau-Collines volunteer administrators are truly committed towards the socio-economic development of their territory. They are business people and professionals working in the business sector of the Papineau RCM and the Colline-de-l’Outaouais RCM. Together, they are strategically orienting the Society’s actions. The board of directors reflects both the SADC territory and the sectors of activity.

  • Jacques Bélisle, President
  • Audrey Paiement, Vice-President
  • Jean Maheu, Treasurer
  • Laurie Laframboise, Secretary
  • Pierre Hébert, Administrator
  • Claudine Cromp, Administrator
  • Yvon Dinel, Administrator
  • Michel Leclair, Administrator
  • David Pineault, Administrator

PDF Form to become a member of the board of directors


SADC and CAE network

The SADC de Papineau-Collines is a member of Quebec CAE and the Réseau SADC, which regroups 57 SADCs and 10 CAEs all working together to make the regions of Quebec more dynamic. There are 400 professionals and 1,350 volunteers serving their community. There is more than $250 million worth of assets that belong to the area.