The SADC Welcomes Valérie Patoine

Valérie Patoine

It is with pride and enthusiasm that we welcome our new project manager, Valérie Patoine.

Fully committed to the development of her community, Valérie is an example of citizen engagement. Recognized leader, she knows how to stimulate successful collaboration between local economic partners. Her extensive knowledge of the business world, forged by 20 years of involvement in the family business, lead to her previous role of General Manager of the Chambre de commerce Vallée de la Petite-Nation. Her unique expertise in project management allows her to conduct strategic development for our businesses and our municipalities.
In addition to initiating and coordinating local economic development projects, Valérie will be in charge of our market research and sustainable development services, as well as the project management service for municipalities.

All members of the Board of Directors and the SADC team welcome her and wish her the best success!