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Gatineau,  February 3, 2022 – Today, the Réseau des SADC (Sociétés d’aide au développement des collectivités) et CAE (Centres d’aide aux entreprises) du Québec is launching The Road to Entrepreneurship (La route de l’entrepreneur), a website designed to guide entrepreneurs through every step of starting and running a business. It will also make it easy for entrepreneurs to reach out to their SADC or CAE’s business advisors, who understand their region’s particular issues and challenges.

The Road to Entrepreneurship will offer entrepreneurs practical advice and tools at every step of their business endeavour, whether that’s buying an existing SME, taking over the family business, or growing, financing or selling their business. The new website is chock full of unrivalled content inspired by a 360 degree approach to entrepreneurship. More advice from other entrepreneurs will begin to be added soon.

A one-stop shop for the entrepreneurial know-how of Quebec’s SADCs and CAEs

The Road to Entrepreneurship is also a forum where our network of over 1,000 professionals and volunteers from across the province can share tips and expertise and easily export best practices from one region to another. In this same spirit, the platform makes various user friendly tools available for entrepreneurs to download, including a business plan template, a self assessment grid for sustainable development practices, and a grid to calculate working capital that was developed by our members specifically for small businesses. In addition, the website has a blog with posts on a range of topics related to entrepreneurship, based directly on the real life experience of our professionals.


“Our SADCs across the province are the real specialists in supporting small businesses in the regions. It is important that our local entrepreneurs easily find advice, tools and resources specific to their issues on the Web. The platform reflects our local approach, simple and focused on their needs”, explains Mélissa Bergeron, General Mangaer of SADC de Papineau-Collines.


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For more than 30 years, La Société d’aide au développement de la collectivité (SADC) de Papineau-Collines, a NPO, has been providing financial and technical services that stimulate job creation and economic development in municipalities located in its territory. Being a reference in rural entrepreneurship, it supports the creation of local initiatives and supports local organizations in the implementation of structuring projects. The SADC is a member of CAE and the Réseau SADC regrouping 57 SADCs and 10 CAEs working together to make the regions of Quebec more dynamic.

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