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A profound love of Mother Nature is woven throughout Laila Wertwyn’s life and is her source of inspiration. After purchasing land and moving with her young family into a newly-built home in Cantley, Laila began a line of skin care products called Collection Samuel, named after her younger son who was growing in her womb alongside the company. Collection Samuel reflects and embodies Laila’s passion: helping people tap into nature so that they can experience the myriad of health and wellness benefits that this connection brings.

Originally from Rimouski, Laila began her studies in Horticulture and Forestry and gradually moved towards Herbalism, Naturopathy and the production of products focused on healing and taking care of the body, with a particular interest in skin care. Laila is now a Certified Botanical Skin Care Formulator currently deepening her knowledge through a course in the UK that specializes in formulations linking the wisdom of the ancients with current botanical science. Wertwyn’s product line focuses on the mother-baby relationship with an emphasis on touch. Collection Samuel skin care products support, protect, and enhance the primal and sacred bond that touch establishes. Creams and oils soothe, heal, and nourish little one’s skin and encourage new parents to care for their baby with gentle, natural products.

Collection Samuel products can be found online at You’ll find essentials such as a soothing oat bath, a liniment cleansing cream with jasmine, and two baby oils including a scent-free version for newborns that will not interfere with the mother-baby bond. A new product is also on the horizon: a Miraculous Soothing Cream for all ages with intense moisturizing properties that protect and regenerate skin. This cream will soothe a wide range of complex skin conditions.

Officially launched in 2019, Collection Samuel gathered momentum with products making their début in retail stores in Gatineau and Hull as well as online. With Covid-19, Laila was faced with a decision: temporarily cease operations or find some form of assistance. An online search led her to the SADC which has kept her up-and-running and able to continue the growth of her product line.

“I have found the SADC to be a lot of help, they were amazing really, making the whole process quite simple,” said Wertwyn.

For now, goddess willing, Laila, along with her husband Alexandre and their sons, William and Samuel – and not to mention their dog Abel and a crowing rooster out back – they will continue to enjoy living in harmony with the earth and all of its bounty.

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