The Green Shift Tour

Recap of the event on March 14 in Ripon

The businesses in the region that attended the Ripon event left with plenty of ideas and knowledge about available funding options based on their specific circumstances to embark on a green journey.

The main topics covered were: Greenhouse gas emissions calculation system Environmental sustainability policy Local supplier procurement and support policy.

✨ Thanks to the panelists who were present and inspired us.

Simon Trudeau, Kenauk Nature

François Brion, Ferme Chapeau Melon

Stéphane Maillé, Épursol

Stéphanie Lachaine, Atelier L 

Recap of the Wakefield event

The Virage Vert Small Tour concluded on March 21 in Wakefield. Around ten businesses from the MRC des Collines attended to discuss ecological transition and available funding options. Some entrepreneurs who have already embarked on a transition with the support of the SADC came to talk about their respective projects, which was greatly appreciated! Participants had the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, and engage in open-minded discussions.

Thanks to the panelists who inspired us!

Stéphanie Lachaine, Atelier L

Dominique Laflamme, HOM mini chalets

Amelie Rocheleau Leclair, Parc nature Eco-Odyssée

Vicky Veilleux, Carpe Diem aventures

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