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The SADC de Papineau-Collines offers a support service to entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses who want to improve the profitability, productivity, visibility, and sustainability of their business.

Carbon Credits

The SADC de Papineau-Collines financially rewards businesses and organizations who have implemented energy efficiency or waste management projects.

Created in partnership with the company Les Solutions Will and 15 other SADCs around the province, this new innovative program allows SMEs in Quebec to generate new revenues and to convert their projects into carbon credits. They can trade these credits on the voluntary carbon market.

This free turnkey service offers a full support service in the assessment, audit, and sale of carbon credits resulting from projects demonstrating efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emission produced by companies since 2010.

Download the PDF to learn more about the Carbon Credits program

Synergie Outaouais

The result of a partnership between the SADC and CREDDO, Synergie Outaouais is an economic development initiative that creates business opportunities through the exchange of residual materials between companies. This program accompanies businesses in the transition to an economy based on a cyclical model. Wood dust, mine wastes, plastic by-products, etc. The waste of some can often be substituted for the raw materials of others.

There are numerous potential benefits for local businesses:

  • Reduced costs related to residual materials flow;
  • Creation of business relationships between companies of the same region;
  • Improved environmental performance and corporate image;
  • Increase in competitiveness through innovation;
  • Creation and retention of jobs by favouring the local economy.