Papineauville Renews Its Confidence in the SADC


Since 2017, our team has accompanied Papineauville in a strategic planning process that has allowed them to expand their development based upon precise orientations and clear objectives.

Following the launch of the municipality’s 2019–2024 Strategic Planning last February, the municipal council renewed its confidence in the SADC by entrusting it with the mandate to develop the action plan that resulted from this planning.

In addition to allowing a retrospective review of the progress made in the pursuit of their objectives, conceptualizing the action plan allowed managers and employees to take ownership of this work tool and making it effective.


We received a high quality service from the SADC and its staff, attentive listening to our specifics and a deliverable that met our needs. The staff assigned to the various dossiers were able to guide us in an efficient and personalized manner.

Martine Joanise, General Manager, Papineauville

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