Meeting with the New Rural Economic Development Minister

SADC Jordan

Meeting with the honorable Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Rural Economic Development

At the invitation of MP William Amos, the three Outaouais SADCs and the SADC and CAE Network attended a public meeting with Minister Jordan in Low. The goal was to demonstrate to Ms. Jordan the work being done in rural areas in collaboration with the SADCs and the Government of Canada.

MP Amos gave the SADCs and the Network the opportunity to present their results to the 60 attendees, mostly elected representatives from the region. Network representatives also had the opportunity to discuss their collaboration with the Minister and request a private meeting following the event.

The Minister gave a very simple and very effective speech about her mandate and priorities. She acknowledged the good work of the SADCs and CAEs. She went on to discuss her vision of rural issues, which showed her deep knowledge of the issue, as she is a resident of a small Nova Scotia village. William Amos also spoke about the government’s achievements, emphasizing the vital role of SADCs and CAEs in Canada.