The SADC developed « Papineau Numerique » branding

PapineauNumerique Parapost


Papineau MRC, digital territory

The High Speed Internet Deployment Project in the Papineau MRC unveiled its new brand identity created by the SADC communications team. The mandate was to define a simple brand universe, easy to decode, which reflects the major technological shift on the territory

In addition to designing the “Papineau Numérique” identity, the team created an inspiring graphic signature, representing a dynamic and connected Papineau RCM, where development perspectives are accelerated by high speed.

A new website will be launched, showcasing all the news about the deployment phases, as well as an interactive map to consult to validate the availability of high speed at home. Postal mailings of different educational contents are also planned.



Client: Internet Papineau pour Papineau Numérique
Conception-rédaction: Marie-France Laflamme
Design: Alexandre Dion