Personal loan from $5,000 to $25,000

Funding to support entrepreneurs 18 to 39 years of age with starting up, acquiring and expanding a business, by means of an advantageous personal loan that can be used as a down payment.

Receiving funding from the SADC constitutes participating in the development of a local investment fund dedicated to the entrepreneurs of the region.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be an entrepreneur between the ages of 18 and 39;
  • The facility, major activities and jobs are located within the SADC territory;
  • Possess entrepreneurial skills;
  • Demonstrates potential, profitability and vitality;
  • The youth(s) must have control of the company.

Advantages of the Loan

  • No interest for 2 years;
  • Opportunity for two young entrepreneurs to each benefit from a loan for the same project;
  • Flexibility (adapted to the project, seasonal activities);
  • Non-refundable contribution available for training or development workshops;
  • Loan period of up to 7 years.

You wish to go a step further?

The SADC is not just a “funder”. It is also a companion and a coach, who provides funding from amongst many other services. A local specialist, its team of experts equips local businesses and municipalities out in the field:

Strategic Business Development

Validation of a business project or strategic orientations, using market data collection for businesses and municipalities that want to identify new opportunities and make more informed decisions.

Marketing Communication Strategies

The elaboration of targeted communication and social media tactics to develop good habits and improve your visibility, notoriety and positioning.

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Digital Shifts and Web Design

Identification of the best tools for improving your web presence, training to develop autonomy and the design of high-performance websites.

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Support for Municipalities

Management of specific development projects for municipal organizations by our professionals, addressing time and human resource constraints.

Sustainable Development

Business visits, from diagnosis to the implementation of a priority action plan, implementing Sustainable Development (SD) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Business Transfer

In addition to setting up a confidential database of sellers and buyers in order to create potential links, we support you throughout the transfer or takeover process.

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