Public Relations Coaching Getting the right messages to the right audience at the right time is critical. This is the art of public relations.

SADC Papineau-Collines have a great deal of expertise in this field, to the benefit of entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and SME managers who turn to us for public relations coaching. Ready to hit the mark with a strategy tailored to you?

Public Relations: A Free Tool that is Within Reach

Why do successful organizations of all sizes invest in their public relations department, either with an external firm or by setting up dedicated teams? The answer is simple: public relations pays off for a company. To learn how to better navigate the fascinating world of public relations, get specialized coaching in this field. Our consultants can help you:

  • Build successful relationships with local and regional media: newspapers, radio, community television, etc.
  • Prepare a press kit and a media list
  • Position your business or entrepreneurial story in such a way as to generate interest
  • Prepare a press event
  • Seize upon the visibility opportunities that present themselves to you
  • Evaluate the potential of these opportunities in prioritizing your efforts
  • Promote partnerships that yield results
  • Identify business circles and associations in your region that could potentially have a positive impact on your business
  • Learn about best practices in public relations and emerging practices, such as influence marketing

“À la Carte” Public Relations Mandates

Are you preparing a launch? Is your company about to reach a significant milestone: an anniversary, the opening of a new location, a major expansion, or a major contract? The SADC Papineau-Collines’ public relations team can be given a mandate for a specific project to develop a customized strategy. Discuss your project with our consultants and see how public relation tools can help you.

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