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It can be difficult for local businesses or organizations to develop a brand image and create a quality visual for their social media. Not everyone has the skills or professional softwares to design attractive images. That’s why Canva is the tool to discover to help you with this problem!

Indeed, the visual aspect of a website or images takes an increasingly important place on the Internet. It has become necessary to attract the attention of Internet users. To increase your visibility, creating beautiful visuals is an excellent asset.

Whatever your needs in terms of visual communication, Canva will be perfectly adapted to your expectations. Available at all times and on all media (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone), this site offers you the possibility to create original images without breaking the bank. A time-saver and a source of inspiration guaranteed!

What is Canva?

Canva is a free website that offers a multitudes of templates that you can modify later. It allows you to create a fully customized design that meets your tastes and needs. It is a tool that will help you develop a more consistent and professional brand image.

Moreover, Canva gives you the chance to produce images of any shape and size: posters, flyers, banners, invitation cards. These templates will help you find inspiration for your own visual creations by making the world of graphic design more accessible.

What can Canva do for you?

As a business, you’ll be able to create your own visuals for your social networks, your website or for professional use. Regardless of your level of creativity or skill, you’ll be able to design unique images.

With Canva, you will find a real source of inspiration. It’s a simple, free, and fast tool to get your message across with impact and professionalism.

Who should use Canva?

Intended more for beginners in graphic design, anyone can use it. The goal of Canva is to nurture your creativity, especially for people who are not designers. Whether you are a beginner or a graphic designer, this site will definitely be useful to you.

All you have to do is drag and drop elements onto the template you select. Then, you can play with shapes, titles, and colors until you are satisfied with the result. You don’t need to be a great designer to create beautiful visuals!

Its advantages

  • Correctly sized images for each social network and each type of advertising
  • A wide variety of templates for digital and print
  • Ideas for different marketing materials (flyer, gift certificate, loyalty card, poster)
  • Advertising formats for social networks (banners, thumbnails, covers)
  • Communication tools for your events (invitation, program, menu)

More than 50,000 ready-to-use templates are waiting for you on Canva!

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