Business survey: SADC listens to support you

Sondage aux entreprises La SADC vous ecoute pour vous accompagner9 e1633453923661

The SADC de Papineau-Collines calls on you to enrich its understanding of the current reality of local businesses and their needs in terms of resources, tools and support.

The SADC is currently carrying out a new study among entrepreneur-owners in its territory with the aim of drawing up their current portrait. To do this, they mandated the firm SOM to carry out a large-scale telephone survey and to collect the data necessary to establish a complete portrait of the issues and needs of local entrepreneurs. The results will allow SADC to analyze their challenges in order to draw conclusions that will influence its service offering.

To work on the growth of local businesses, stimulate the development of our community and make informed strategic decisions, we must first know our community. That is why the SADC will be communicating the key conclusions of this study within a few months.

During the next 5 weeks, your business could receive a phone call, 15 minutes of your time is enough to help the SADC to better support you!

The SADC thanks the business community for responding to this survey.